Submission Guidelines

  1. Login to OJS Linguistik Indonesia
  2. Click "New Submission"
  3. Select the Journal Section. Only article sections can be selected.
  4. Check all submission requirements
  5. Check Acknowledge the Copyright Statement
  6. Click "Next", to proceed to the stage of uploading the submission
  7. Click "Upload File" or "Add File"
  8. Select the file to upload, then select the file type. At this stage, make sure that the uploaded file is correct, because if it turns out it is a wrong file, the author will not be able to re-upload. Authors are advised to click "New Submission" and repeat steps from number 2 if they experience errors in uploading files.
  9. Click "Save and Continue" to proceed to the stage of filling in the article metadata
  10. At this stage of filling in the metadata, several things that must be filled in are as follows.
    • Title
    • Abstract
    • Keywords
    • References
    • Authors can also add another authors if there is more than one author involved.
  11. Click "Save and Continue" to proceed to the confirmation stage
  12. At the confirmation stage, the author only needs to click "Finish Submission" to confirm the submission.